Learn About Makeup Artist Academic Background.

Before you decide to hire a good makeup artist, whether it’s for your important occasion or you are attending a company dinner, you should understand the journey of becoming a makeup artist.


Most professional makeup artists graduated from the prestigious makeup academy. However, if you are hiring a makeup artist in Malaysia, there are several reputable makeup academies that are well known for educating some pro makeup artist.

Although we can’t fully judge someone’s capability from the makeup academy that he/she graduated from, but you are able to tell from the techniques and makeup foundation and a good makeup academy will make sure they cover it really well.


Besides academy, you have to learn about the makeup artist experience as well.

Some good makeup artist is able to become PRO and fast-track their career, with the ability to absorb all the training and exposure like a “sponge”

There are several makeup artists that actively involved in local events in Malaysia, such as Fashion Walk in KL that hosted every year in Klang Valley, or Jom Kahwin (Wedding Expo for Muslim) that is held every year at Shah Alam.

By attending all these local events in Malaysia, the makeup artist will be able to learn insights about the local culture and get to know what are the latest makeup style and trend. It’s a good way to keep them updated with makeup trend.

Product knowledge.

It’s really important to know if the makeup artist has a piece of strong knowledge of a makeup product.

Especially in such hot and humid weather in Malaysia, some cosmetic brands are meant to be last longer under the hot sun and wouldn’t easily melt, unlike some other cosmetic product that is meant for cold weather.

Apart from that, for a client that happened to have skin outbreak during the makeup session, the certain product will not be able to use as it will cause the outbreak even worst it will make your makeup looks terrible.

Some secret product usage and techniques will be using “Green” and “Yellow” makeup corrector that applied on the different sequence to cover up your outbreak.

So understanding such knowledge will be able to help makeup artist deliver world-class makeup style for your important event.