Why Magento is the most secured eCommerce platform

When it comes to eCommerce security, Magento is one of the most preferred platforms due to its good security implementation.

With so many online transaction frauds especially from credit card payments, tackling fraud issue has been a big headache for e-commerce merchants. Even big eCommerce platform such as Rakuten faced this issue where 20% of transactions made were frauds and turning nightmare for merchants.

Below here are some of the Magento key feature and why it’s the #1 most secured eCommerce platform today, even surpassing Shopify in many ways.

  • Use the latest Magento version
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Set a custom path for the admin panel
  • Acquire an encrypted connection (SSL/HTTPS)
  • Use Secure FTP
  • Disable directory indexing
  • Deploy an SQL injection firewall
  • Use trusted Magento extensions

As Magento updates come with more secured features, most eCommerce merchant would upgrade to latest Magento version to ensure it gets maximum security and updated fraud protection.

With two-factor authentication and custom path for admin panel, this function help and prevent the ecommerce from unauthorized login or access to important information.

Besides, Magento with SQL injection firewall ability allows ecommerce merchant to protect their database from being hack. This is very important especially with big list of SKU, and by securing database is the most important hack prevention to avoid unnecessarily recovery.

Not just for the security, Magento also have great flexibility when it comes to designing the look of the store. It’s no wonder Magento hold 22% of entire eCommerce platform market share worldwide, because great flexibility to deploy any desired layout to fit the brand.

Besides, Magento code is lean enough for fast browsing experience. Together with good hosting servers , browsing an eCommerce build on Magento can be blazing fast. Traffic scalability is possible with expandable server infrastructure.

At NinjaCommerce, we design and build world-class Magento store for serious brands. Having scaled more than 150 eCommerce brands in the past 5 years, Magento has become our preferred platform for our clients. Speak to us today to build one Magento store.